About Us

With 30 years of experience in the hydraulic sector, Nihat Özçelik has accomplished many successful projects since the establishment of our company. By combining modern technology and experienced workers Hidro Özçelik has adopted the principle of giving high quality and reliable services that meets the world's standards. Our company has proven its experience in the sector by exporting high quality products to more than 50 countries around the World.

Our mission
to be a leading company by keeping our customers satisfaction a priority and providing high quality honest service.

Our vision
Since the day it was founded, our company with its expert staff has kept quality and customer satisfaction a priority. And has never given up its high quality service, on time delivery and reasonable prices. With our high quality products (Hydraulic Pump, Valve, PTO, Hydraulic Cylinder And spare parts) Our aim is to be a preffered brand in many countries.